Amazon Bounty Programs

There is a new program being offered by Amazon and it is called the Amazon Bounty Program! The Amazon Bounty Program offers fixed advertising fees (bounty) when people visit, try and/or sign-up for valuable services and bounty programs that are offered through Amazon. As an example, if someone visits your page and they click on one of your links that directs them to the Amazon Prime link and they sign up for a free trial, you will receive the bounty. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

amazon bounty program

Here are just some of the exciting bounty programs that Amazon offers:

  1. Amazon Music Unlimited
  2. Amazon Kindle Unlimited
  3. Amazon Prime
  4. Amazon Channels

For every one of these programs you can earn a fixed advertising fee for visitors you get to sign up, even for the free trials! There are a number of other Amazon bounty programs but I believe these are the ones that will definitely supplement your current income or boost your retirement income!