Infolinks ads are not your typical display ads that you find on websites that use other monetized programs such as Google AdSense Ads. Instead, Infolinks ads have been designed to display much less intrusive ads that are better integrated into the content of your website using double underlined text links so as to distinguish them from the usual single underline that you would normally see with regular hyperlinks.



Infolinks offers an interesting and relatively unique alternative to traditional display advertising by replacing graphic ads with text link ads. The most impressive aspect of Infolinks is how easy it is to implement into your website.

The application to Infolinks can take a couple of days before it is approved, but once it has been, there are four different types of ad methods that you can choose to implement on their websites: inText, inFrame, inSearch, and inTag.

The inText ad unit is the default method that is activated when your account has been set up with Infolinks, and it is the only one that I currently use. The inText ads highlight words that already exist on your webpage and monetize them with ad units that display when the highlighted word is hovered over with the cursor. You will see that the highlighting is generally done with a double underline, which distinguishes it from a regular hyperlink which has a single underline.

Watch this short video on how Infolinks real time ads can work for you.



If you are seeking an alternative to traditional display advertising, such as Google Adsense, then you should consider Infolinks. It is extremely easy to integrate into your website, so it should be considered if you are looking for an additional source of revenue.


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